The Missing 2017 Subtitle Indonesia

The Missing 2017

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Title : The Missing 2017
Realese Date : Friday 31 March 2017
Stars : Bai Baihe Stanley Huang Ming Dao Xu Jinglei
Other : The Missing (2017) WEB-DL [Subtitle Indonesia]

Sinopsis Movie

The story occurs in the year 2015 in the fictional city of Xuanyu. In the wake of a series of disappearances of children, a police officer named Lin, whose daughter was among the victims, receives a phone call at night from a random man driving a car, who claims to know her daughter’s location. However, a truck collides with the man’s car, injuring him and resulting in amnesia. According to the man’s identity-card, his name is Yang, but the card is noted by the police to be fake. At the hospital, an assassin approaches Yang’s room, murdering the police guards, and attempts to murder Yang, but Yang kills him in self-defense. A police officer named Lu attempts to apprehend Yang, but Yang flees the scene and steals enough money from pedestrians to pay for food, clothes, and a hotel room. He proceeds to infiltrate the police station where his belongings were confiscated.

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The Missing 2017 Subtitle Indonesia

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